Hosmer Lake is Looking Good

Hosmer Lake - Bend, OR (Deschutes County)

by The Fly Fishers Place

Hosmer was good this week for me, with a Jig Style Cates Turkey being my #1 fly yesterday. Damsel Nymphs and Chironomids are important, and we did well on a Clear Camo stripping the feather duster style caliibaetis nymphs too. 
Yesterday there was not much of a hatch but a ton of spinners hovering about 2 to 3 PM. Not much surface action but be prepared with Callibaetis emergers, duns and spinners on any day. Also Black Caddis #14 to imitate Alder Flies, and have some Traveling Sedge Caddis to skitter. My Cascade Caddis Emerger we sell at FFP is a good one for the skitter. It’s ugly but tied to accept a lot of powder floatant so it darn near levitates when you are moving it. 
If you’d like the Cates Turkey tying directions I can email it to you. It’s an old fly I started tying Jig style a few years ago and it has been a good producer on all of the lakes for me.