Fishing Continues to Be Very Good on The Metolius

Metolius River - Metolius Springs, OR (Jefferson County)

Photo Credit: Courtesy of The Fly Fishers Place

by The Fly Fishers Place

As usual, let’s keep it to the home waters and start our talk about the Metolius.
It continues to be very good fishing, and now in the last 1/4 of August we are absolutely rolling into mega hatch time which starts now, rocks the entire month of September and much of October.
Last night on the river there were multiple species of caddis hatching with the fish keyed primarily on to the micro-caddis that were about a size 18. This hatch is something you can expect to see each evening now for several weeks, and both charcoal and pale yellow Iris Caddis #18-20 will be a good match for the hatch. Be prepared for other caddis in size 12-16, Olive and Tan mostly.
Hard to believe it won’t be long until we see the 1st October Caddis of the Fall! Pupa patterns will be getting important in a couple of weeks.
Tons of mayflies, including small Blue Wing Olives #18-22, PMD’s #16, Ameletus #14, Mahogany Duns #16 and spinners at dusk (Rusty 16-18 and Olive 20). It is also possible to see some spinner fall happening in the morning on the Metolius. Usually due to hot weather but possibly due to winds at night. Keep an eye open for sippy rises and assume spinners if you see it.
The 1st emergence of Little Olive Stones is beginning. Just a few. Mega coming soon. Yellow Sally’s are dwindling, but tuck a couple in the box for another few weeks.
Now is the time to gear up for Salmonflies near the Hatchery and some Willowflies to follow. These are big stones, and not a mega hatch like the Deschutes but can be important.
Goldenstones are more prevalent near the Gorge and will creep in to the canyon too. It’s hard to know when they will be around the Hatchery but no one I know has seen them there yet. Guessing September….
At this time, Golden Stone fishing is so-so above Lake Creek, maybe due to much lower water. Fishing in general upriver has been a little off. Not terrible, but we’d like to see higher, more normal flow up there. Pray for snow this winter. Lots and lots of snow.
Nymph fishing throughout the sections (Upper, Middle and Lower River) has been pretty darn good. Goldenstones, Frenchies, Perdigons, 2 Bits, Rainbow Warriors, CDC Guide Hares Ear, Red Copper John, Caddis Pupa and Soft Hackles have all been good lately.
Finally, don’t forget the Bull Trout! Lot’s of them around and they are eating streamers. Pack your 8 weight.

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